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"My jewellery snapped"

With more and more professional Body Piercers using internally threaded body jewellery for its advantages over alternative options, there is growing confusion on how jewellery actually fastens together. (See my other topic covering Internal vs External jewellery)

Threaded jewellery tends to work itself loose throughout daily life, if you don't check that your threaded ends are tight, you may end up noticing that you just have the post left inside *insert body part*.

If you happen to notice at this point and also find your ball/attachment, after a clean, you can simply screw it back into the post of the bar/stud. The threads sticks out the back of the ball/attachment and screw into the post itself. Align the threads straight with the post and tighten by turning it in a clockwise direction.

This is how an internally threaded piece of jewellery looks:

If you need any help with jewellery changes or putting your jewellery back in, feel free to book in for our fitting service, our piercing only studio is located in Cupar, Fife and is easily accessible from surround areas such as St Andrews, Glenrothes and Dundee.



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