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Internal vs External Body Jewllery

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

I thought i would write a little entry explaining the differnce between externally threaded and internally threaded Body Jewellery, in this picture you can see the both external and internal threading.


This is the externally threaded jewllery, you can see the threads are cut on the barbell and the ball has a female thread.


Internally threaded:

You can see the ball has a male thread and the barbell is completley smooth with a female thread.


What's the difference????

Externally threaded jewellery is the cheapest of the two because its easier to manufacture, but when it comes to your piercing saving money is not the way to go about it. The main problem is the male threads on the barbell, these are normally fairly sharp which causes a problem whilst installing jewellery in to an initial or healed piercing, these threads can scrape away the tissue in your piercing if installed incorrectly, which can ultimately cause some tissue damage and most likely some un needed discomfort when fitting into healed piercings.

With internally threaded jewellery all the sharp threads are on the ball or attachment that fit on the outside of your piercing meaning the bar itself is nice and smooth to be inserted through you piercing. You also get threaded tapers that are basically a conical blunt tool that fit flush and smoothly on the bar/post to help with jewellery changes/insertion which reduce risk greatly. With internally threaded jewellery there is also far more choice of good quality attachments that fit.

External threaded

  • Cheap to buy/make

  • Threads to be inserted through the piercing

  • Not much choice for attachments

Internally Threaded

  • The part of the jewellery that is inserted is smooth

  • A huge variation of attachments that are safe for both initial and healed piercings

  • Normally a higher grade of material

  • Can be connected to a threaded taper for transfer/insertion of jewellery.

  • Unfortunately more expensive but an all round safer option.

At Percus Jewellery & Piercing, We only use internally threaded jewellery for Initial and healed piercings, and thankfully the whole professional piercing industry is now slowly moving this way. Which in the long term will give everyone a happier safe piercing with a huge selection of attachments for their jewellery.



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