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No piercings will be offered without Valid ID!

From the Age of 8

We are able to pierce Children's Ear Lobes from the age of 8, consent is needed from an accompanying parent/legally appointed guardian (valid photo Identification needed for both)

Aged 14-16?

Piercing is limited to Earwork, Navel and Nostril, consent is needed from a parent/legally appointed guardian (valid photo Identification needed)



Aged 16-18?

We can perform most piercings

(excluding surface piercings and intimate areas inc. Nipples)

Aged 18 or over?

Just remember your valid government issued photo Identification.

  • Have an appointment.

  • Everyone needs to bring valid government issued photo identification. No ID, No Piercing!

  • Be completely sober, not under the influence of ANY drugs or alcohol.

  • Have eaten within 4 hours prior to the procedure.

  • If possible, avoid taking aspirin or other blood thinning medication.

  • Have addressed potential health issues such as skin conditions, illnesses (anything that may affect healing)

  • When necessary have your hair tied back or to the side away from the piercing site. 

  • Not be pregnant or have given birth within the last three months or be actively Breast feeding.

What do I need?

Appointments are recommended and can be booked online, we have piercing availability throughout the week from as early as 10am.

We Stock, Sell, Fit and Pierce with industry leading body jewellery.

You can Browse & Buy some of our fine body jewellery along with our classic range in our online store. We currently only deliver online jewellery orders across the Uk.

Need help changing your Jewellery? No problem, book in for a jewellery change here.

The Jewellery we initially pierce with is normally made from ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium or Solid Gold with a purity of 14 karats or more, which is safe for the permanent implant in the human body.

Did you know its very common to have a Nickel allergy?

People often believe they can only wear "silver jewellery", this is because silver is often nickel free. However there is safer options such as Implant grade titanium, which has virtually no allergy rate......Now You Know!

Aftercare & Swimming?

As part of the service, when you come to us for a new piercing, we will advise you verbally on how to look after your piercing correctly, we also provide you with a paper brochure with our aftercare instructions, just in case you forget.

We are a proud stockist of NeilMed piercing aftercare solution, which is sterile saline wound wash with a fine mist spray tip. 

We recommend taking a break from swimming and avoiding open bodies of water until your piercing has healed. You can bath and shower as normal, ensuring your piercing is dried properly afterwards.

We offer most body piercings, the 5 most common piercings we do are: Daith piercing, Helix piercing, Lobe piercings, Nose piercing and Nipple Piercing. 

We recommend no more than 3 healing piercings at any one time. 

Have a look at our booking page to see what we offer, if something isn't listed please feel free to ask.

What and how many Piercings?


During the course of your pregnancy, it is best to let your body concentrate on the complex process it is dealing with, and to let your body recover for 3 months afterwards before getting pierced.

We have a choice of luxurious jewellery that you can be pierced with, because of this we have a piercing fee plus Jewellery price structure.



We accept Cash & Card payments along with Apple and Android Pay.

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