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Beautiful Faceted Swarovski in a Ruby Colour is truly stunning and backed with a life time guarantee.


  • Threadless Attachment/End only
  • Available in different Sizes.
  • High quality Austrian-made SWAROVSKI.
  • Made from implant grade titanium ASTM-F136.
  • Mirror Polished.
  • Secure Prong setting - No glues are used.
  • Fits 18g and 16g Threadless Posts.
  • Lifetime Guaranteed. 
  • Comes Pre-Sterilised.

Suitable Placements: Most Cartilage piercings such as the Helix, Scapha/Flat, forward helix, faux rook, conch, tragus, rook and can also be worn on the lobe, labret/lip or nostril!


Ruby Prong Set End

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