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Why Percus

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Where did the name Percus come from?

My original actual shop name "Hidden Sins Body Piercing" was not liked by many local people, people either thought it was sleezy, sinful etc.

I had people phone me thinking I was some kind of adult toy shop..... no joke! Also people use to look through the window and then look at the shop name, shake their head and walk away.

One story: A woman came in for a piercing, half way through the appointment she says, your actually a very nice guy, I've walked past ever since you opened and didn't want to come in before now because your shop name put me off, our prayer group prays for you every time we pass the shop. (which is really sweet of them)

Although I've found some peoples reactions funny and entertaining, I knew it was time to "re-brand" after 4 years of Hidden Sins. After the shop was Re-fitted, the name hidden sins no longer fitted the style and image of the shop so Percus was born.

Why Percus?

After months of thinking about names, and then discovering they are already a thing or have an alternative meaning or overly used on the internet, I was having a conversation with a friend about it and he said call the shop "Pierce R us" , without much thought that was shortened to Pierce-us and then Percus (Per-cus).

I love Percus because its unique, doesn't imply any alternative meaning, and mostly it can be a brand. Instead of people saying the piercing shop in Cupar (avoiding the shop name) people can now easily say Percus (Per-cus), which ultimately makes it easier for new customers to find me.

What does Percus Piercing offer?

Percus Jewellery & Piercing is a piercing only studio, we offer piercings in Fife our aim is to give you the best piercing experience possible, we aim to grow our range of safe implant grade body jewellery which is a safe suitable option for both initial and healed piercings. we offer consultations, professional piercing service, advice, aftercare products, Jewellery sales/fitting. Our piercing shop is in Cupar, near St Andrews, easily accessible from Fife and surrounding areas.

Now you know about Percus!

Thanks for reading - Gregg

Percus Jewellery & Piercing, Cupar
Percus Jewellery & Piercing



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