• Gregg

Another DIY Cabinet

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Since I Re-fitted the shop, The middle of the shop floor has been looking empty. I happened to spot a proper jewellers jewllery cabinet on gumtree, although it wasnt 100% right for the shop I bought it anyway, I mean how often does one of them actually come up for sale? It was a pine effect veneer cupboard/base with a bronzed aluminium framed glass display case that attaches on top, it also has lights fitted inside the display case. Its designed to be a display island which sits in the middle of the floor. Its been well built to the point where its was near impossible to disassemble.

I took it apart as much as possible, pulled the trim pieces off the base unit, filled and sanded where the veneer lifted/broke upon removal, and fully wrapped the whole lot with matt grey vinyl wrap, and put it all back together.

I discovered along the way, that the new cabinet would make the shop difficult to navigate due to the size of it. So I came up with a simple plan to angle a part of the reception desk back, which would create more floor space. To do this I built an almost kite shaped section from left over MDF that I had from building the desk and wall cabinets, This kite shaped section is to fit inbetween two desks and also is vinyl wrapped dark grey so it matches the new centre display cabinet, it also gives some contrast to the white reception desk. In the future the plan is to mount an ipad (for customer use) to this "kite" shaped section of the desk.

Enjoy the pictures: